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4 for the price of 1

August 18th, 2014
Fuck Fest Featuring Tyler White, Ryan Fields, Kaden Alexander, And Skyler Daniels

Fuck Fest Featuring Tyler White, Ryan Fields, Kaden Alexander, And Skyler Daniels

Oh my! It’s time for another BSB orgy! Ryan and Skyler have never been in an orgy mix like this so I hope they’re as excited as I am. Tyler and Kaden have been through this before so I’m sure they’ll show these boys the ropes. Let the games begin!

The boys instantly pair off and begin kissing and rubbing all over each other. Tyler gets a little too excited and takes a hair out of Kaden’s arm pit with his teeth! Kaden returns the favor by kissing and sucking on Tyler’s pits. Yum! Meanwhile, Skyler has his hands full with Ryan, literally. These two are really into each other as they intimately rub and kiss. Ryan and Tyler get laid onto the bed and their respective partners begin to eat their asses. They really are into taste testing today! Kaden and Ryan put those tongues to good use and really work those holes over. Skyler digs deep into Ryan’s ass with his tongue. Kaden and Skyler pull their boys to the edge of the bed and they begin to digest their dicks. Tyler and Ryan enjoy the sight while making out with one another. Then they form a good ole’ cock slinging chow line. Kaden sucks Tyler, Tyler sucks Ryan, and Ryan sucks Skyler.

After some good cock sucking the boys really get things popping. Tyler fucks Ryan on the side of the bed. That boy has a nice juicy ass. Tyler slides over and feeds his dick to Ryan while Kaden moves behind Skyler and slides his dick inside him. Wow! Now we’ve got two asses getting fucked! Kaden sits on the bed and Skyler sits on Kaden’s’ dick. Ryan begins to suck Skyler’s dick while getting fucked from behind by Tyler. After being fucked all over the place, it finally time for Ryan to get some ass, he puts Tyler on his back and takes his turn. Skyler lies on his back beside Tyler and gets fucked by Kaden.

After all that fucking, sucking, and cock handling all four boys blow their loads. But it doesn’t end there. We get to see this sexy foursome take a steamy shower. BSB out did themselves this time!

Check out the New Orgy Video here.

“I suck cock…so what?”

August 17th, 2014
Paul Canon Fucks Skyler Daneils

Paul Canon Fucks Skyler Daneils

Paul is back and fresh from an event. It’s been a little while since I’ve seen this stud and I’m happy that he is paired up with Skyler today. Skyler still has his farmer’s tan but we’ll forgive him after seeing his ass plowed by Paul. Let’s get to it.

The boys strip down to their underwear and Paul tries to go right in for Skyler’s cock. Not so fast, where’s the kiss?! He pops up and starts intimately kissing Skyler. He then gets back on his knees and engulfs his dick. Paul has some serious deep throating skills and I wish I could switch places with Skyler. I love watching those big juicy lips of his wrapped around man meat. Paul lies back into the chair and Skyler gets to work on his huge shaft. I don’t know how he does it but he manages to get almost Paul’s entire rod into his mouth. Skyler treats that shit like a lollipop; licking, sucking, and drooling all over it.

After getting the dick nice and slippery, Skyler slips his ass right on it. He rides it. He bounces on it until Paul takes over and starts to fuck him hard from below. Paul really rams him, sending Skyler into a moaning fit. Paul bends him over and continues his assault on Skyler’s ass. Skyler’s rock hard dick bounces up and down as Paul digs deeper and deeper. The boys make their way over to the bed where Skyler is put on his back where Paul shoves his tongue into his mouth and continues to batter his ass. They both blast gigantic loads onto Skyler. Pau licks up the cum and make his way back up to Skyler’s lips.

Here’s the link to see Paul Canon Fuck Syler Daniels

Busted nuts and assholes

August 15th, 2014
Tyler White Barebacks Ryan Fields

Tyler White Barebacks Ryan Fields

As soon as the scene starts I can tell that Ryan is very nervous. It’s going to be his first time bottoming, so that’s understandable. He is going to be with Tyler, who has been there before. Tyler promises that he won’t hurt him; but I don’t know how you can promise anything when it comes to opening a virgin hole. Well, that’s not true. I can promise that you’ll be entertained!

Tyler helps Ryan relax by kissing all over him. He makes his way down to Ryan’s cock and begins to suck all over it. Tyler gives an excellent blowjob and I’m sure the last thing on his mind is his asshole. Tyler gets that dick nice and wet. I can’t believe that Ryan doesn’t blow his load right then. Tyler licks his way back up to Ryan’s lips. Tyler stands up on the chair and Ryan gets right to work on his dick. He blows like a pro too. This kid is new but when he sucks dick like that I begin to think he’s done this before.

Ryan bends over the bed and Tyler delves right into that hole, so much for going easy. He fucks Tyler like he’s been used before. Tyler’s got some good merciless dick, just the kind I like! Ryan seems to enjoy it too as he isn’t in as much pain as I had anticipated. Tyler puts his fuck toy on his side and continues to pound away, leaving his initials in his asshole. Ryan squirts a nice gooey load onto his chest seconds before Tyler does the same. Man! That was a hot opening act for Ryan’s hole. Good job boys! Ryan go over his hesitation quick, I can’t wait to see him get fucked again

Watch Tyler White Fuck Ryan Fields

The welcome back fuck down

August 10th, 2014
Kaden Alexander Fucks Anthony Hunt

Kaden Alexander Fucks Anthony Hunt

Well, well, well. Look who we have here! It’s Anthony Hunt! This kid has been gone for a couple of years but now he is back because he’s broke. He’s been working and in school but could use a little pick me up. Kaden is on hand to officially welcome him back into the fold with a dick in the ass. Let’s get it in.

The boys drop their clothes and immediately begin to kiss deeply. Kaden is all over Anthony, he must have missed him. They hop onto the bed where Kaden begins to give Anthony a super sloppy blow job. As he sucks, Anthony tells him to play with his balls. “Yeah, suck that cock”, he begs. Kaden does as he is told and continues to suck the life out of Anthony. He slurps all over that juicy sausage. Kaden gets tired of using his mouth to work Anthony’s dick and instead decides to use his feet! That’s new!

Now its Anthony’s turn! The boy hasn’t had a dick in his mouth in a long time but he shows us that it’s sort of like riding a bike he licks and sucks Kaden’s rod like a pro.

After getting it nice and wet, Anthony sits on Kaden’s’ dick and starts to bounce on that shit. The boys start moaning and making a lot of noise. Kaden pounds Anthony’s eager ass good from below before putting him on his knees and banging him. Anthony hollers out and Kaden fucks his booty good. The boys switch positions a couple of times before blowing tow huge loads that completely cover Anthony.

Welcome back Anthony, welcome the fuck back!

Kaden Alexander fucks Anthony Hunt

Ryan Fields Fucks Romeo James

Ryan Fields Fucks Romeo James

It’s a beautiful day in BSB house because we’ve got Ryan and Romeo here for some hot action. Ryan has never fucked anyone in the ass, not even a girl. He’s very nervous but I know for a fact that he’s in good hands with Romeo. He’ll need some hand and dick holding but he’ll get through it.

The two timidly kiss one another. Ryan makes his way down to Romeo’s cock and begins to suck him off. Romeo has to encourage him to take it further and Ryan does so. Ryan starts to get more and more into it, swallowing the sausage whole. Romeo moans with pleasure, letting his little cocksucker know that he’s doing a good job. Ryan sits on the chair while Romeo shows him how to suck shaft. He takes the entire rod into his mouth and down his throat.

Romeo bends over the bed and Ryan can barely wait to stick his prick inside. And he sticks in it deep. Ryan may have been nervous but he certainly doesn’t fuck like it. That boy busts through Romeo’s hairy hole like a pro! Romeo lies on his side, letting us see him take the full length of Ryan’s big stick. Romeo’s sexy hairy legs send me up a wall, as does watching him get fucked by a big cock like Ryan’s. He must be as turned on as I am because Romeo shoots junk all over himself. Ryan pulls out and dumps his own load.

That was a nice hot fuck, let’s see how Ryan performs after he’s gotten used to fucking boy pussy.

Watch Ryan Fields Fucks Romeo James

Kaden Alexander Fucks Skylar Daniels Raw

Kaden Alexander Fucks Skylar Daniels Raw

Kaden and Skyler have been paired up and here’s a fun little fact, Skyler was the first person to geive Kaden a blow job. Kaden is back because he wrecked his truck and needs some cash. I’ll definitely enjoy watching him earn his keep by fucking Tyler.

The fellas get right to business by tossing clothes and kissing one another. They are seriously all over one another. Skyler lies back on the bed and Kaden begins to suck him off. Kaden rubs all over Skyler’s chest as he licks and swallows his shaft. Kaden has certainly become a professional cock sucker, Skyler should be proud. Kaden stands up and allows him to take over the cock sucking duties. Skyler bobs up and down on that black cock. Skyler gets that brown veiny dick nice and wet.

Ready to get fucked, Skyler bends over the bed and Kaden begins to let him have it. Kaden fucks him mercilessly from behind and even slaps that ass a couple of times. Skyler doesn’t complain. Tyler lies on his side and Kaden continues to tear into him, only stopping to kiss him. Kaden then begins to fuck Tyler like he’s trying to be noted as the fastest fucker around! Skyler takes control by jacking this dick and Kaden’s at the same time. Soon, the boy nuts, sending gobs of cum onto Skyler’s abs and almost his face! That was such a hot and hard fuck.

Watch Kaden Alexander fuck Skyler Daniels Raw

Sergio Valen and Ronan Kennedy Flip

Sergio Valen and Ronan Kennedy Flip

Ah, it always makes my day to know that Sergio is going to get fucked. Today he’s going to flip with Ronan so I’ll be getting a double treat. They are both nervous but they’ll get over it. Let’s see some fucking.

They begin by undressing and fondling each other. They both get a little freaked out by the size of the other; they should suck it up, some of us would love to be presented with such a big package. Instead of sucking it up, Ronan starts to suck o Sergio’s cock. Ronan has some great cock handling skills for a straight boy. He has Sergio relaxed before you know it. Sergio helps Ronan settle down by massaging his dick with mouth and gums. Ronan’s cock is huge! Sergio tries but can only fit about half of it in his mouth. He fondles his balls while slowing slurping on his dick. With both dicks nice and wet, it’s time to fuck.

Sergio lies on his back and lubes up. He asks Ronan ot go slow. I would too if my pretty hole was about to be invaded by that semi-truck. Ronan starts to push it in but doesn’t get far before Sergio is grunting from pain. Ronan strokes slowly, allowing Sergio’s hole to get used to it. He should have let me open him up first. Sergio gets off his knees and puts that glorious ass of his on display for the camera. Ronan fucks him gently from the back until Sergio makes him stop because of the pain. Ronan lubes up more and drives his cock right back insides. Sergio is in a lot of pain but takes it like a man.

Now it’s Sergio’s turn to break into some ass. Ronan takes the dick immediately, allowing Sergio to fuck the shit out of him. The boys don’t last long, they blow huge loads, both of which splatter on Ronan’s abs. The boys are both in pain, but I’ll lick their wounds and get them back in the sack.

Check out Sergio Valen and Ronan Kennedy Flip

Out of the woods

August 2nd, 2014
Skyler Daniels Fucks Tate Thompson

Skyler Daniels Fucks Tate Thompson

Skyler and Tate are back and they’re in our favorite state: broke and horny. Tate has been out in the woods roughing it for a while; becoming one with nature. Today he’ll become on with Skyler who is all set to fuck him. Let’s get to work.

Tate and Skyler start off with some hot and extension kissing and groping. I don’t think anyone on this site can kiss like Tate. To reward him for his lip service, Skyler sits Tate onto the bed and begins to suck his cock. Skyler may be new but he does give one heck of a blow job. He can’t quite deep throat yet, but that’s what Tate is here to teach him. Tate takes over and starts to inhale Skyler’s cock, showing him how it’s done. Tate gets Skyler’s beefcake nice, wet, and ready to be put to work.

Ready to take some dick, Tate bends over the bed and offers his ass to Skyler, who doesn’t hesitate to side right inside of him. He immediately starts to pound the shit out of him. Tate moans like a boy in heat while getting fucked from behind, on his sides, and finally on his back. Tate milks that dick of his and pops a juicy load all over himself. Skylar spills his nut onto Tate’s abs, adding to the mix.

Now, when is Skylar getting fucked?

Watch Skyler Daniels Fuck Tate Thompson

Too tight for comfort

July 31st, 2014
Ronan Kennedy Fucks Jake Tipton Raw

Ronan Kennedy Fucks Jake Tipton Raw

Today, the newbies Ronan and Jake have been paired up. Jake is going to have his hot ass breached by Ronan who I’m sure just can’t wait. Let’s get right to it.

The boys start off with some gently kissing as they peel their clothes off. Ronan tosses Jake on the bed and proceeds to blow his brains out. He delivers a nice sloppy blow job and for once Jake doesn’t have a critique. He instead decides to use his mouth by sucking Ronan’s cock. He’s only able to stuff about half of it in, but Ronan has no complaints. Jack licks the entire shaft, getting it nice and moist.

They move over to the bed where Jake bends his tight, little ass over for Ronan. Ronan pushes his rod right in that hairy hole. He slowly strokes Jake’s insides at Jake’s request. We’re going to have to get that hole a little looser! Jake gets fucked on his side and on his back before busting a huge load. Not one to be out done, Ronan fires off a major nut of his own. Now Jake is just covered with man juice.

Ronan said that Jake’s ass was so tight that it almost hurt. That’s a problem I would love to solve.

Watch Ronan Kennedy Fucks Jake Tipton Raw

The Dawn of Team Alpha

July 29th, 2014


Kaden and his new buddy Tyler have joined forces and have dubbed themselves “Team Alpha”. They’ve been away for a little while but I’m glad they’re back in the saddle. Kaden has a new girl but still hasn’t told her what he does for extra cash. I hope she’s cool with what he’s about to do to Tyler’s ass. Let’ get to work.

These boys are all over each other from the jump! They kiss and aggressively undress one another. Kaden asserts his authority by kissing his way down to Tyler’s cock. This boy knows how to devour cock! He sucks Tyler with fervor; obviously hungry for the dick. Tyler is instantly moaning and groaning in pleasure. Kaden eventually slides those juicy lips off of Tyler’s dick and lies on the ground so that Tyler can take his turn. Tyler sucks and jacks Kaden’s fat dick. Kaden’s biggie grows rock hard; but Tyler continues to fit almost all of it into his mouth.

Tyler, done with his snack, bends over the bed and offers his hot hole to Kaden who eagerly accepts by forcing his meat inside. I can’t tell you how much Tyler’s ass makes me drool and watching Kaden’s fat dick glide in and out of it is enough to make me and my dick explode. Tyler repositions on his side and Kaden continues to deconstruct it, literally bullying his booty. Kaden licks all over his neck while scissor fucking him. Hot! The boys finish up by blasting intense loads all over Tyler’s abs, chest and face! That’s what I can an “Alpha Load”! If that’s how the fucking is going to be then I want to see more people join Team Alpha.

Watch Kaden Bully Tyler’s Ass Here